A great quality driveway should be more than just a parking space for your home. A professional finish by an experienced surfacing company could add real value to your property, as well as being an enhanced feature for your home.

Tarmac is by far still the most popular domestic surface for your driveway largely down to its durability, flexibility and cost. It’s proved to be the number one option over many years for homeowners and offers great value for money whilst not compromising on style and attractiveness.

At Eric Roberts Contractors we provide a quality range of tarmacadam driveway surface types and can also carry out all associated ground works required before the surfacing is carried out. The choice is yours to make based on style preferences and convenience.
Dropped kerbs for your driveway

Putting in a dropped kerb, or extending your current dropped kerb can vastly improve access to your driveway. The purpose of a dropped kerb is to allow vehicles to pass over from the road and pavement onto your driveway.

Importantly it is also a legal requirement for you to have one should you need to drive over the pavement onto your property. We have carried out many domestic dropped kerb constructions over the years and we will happily come out and give you a quotation to carry out the work to install a dropped kerb at your home. Please contact us to arrange a free visit from one of our estimators to discuss further
Paths and paving

Here at Eric Roberts Contractors we also specialize in enhancing your garden and surrounding walkways with a wide selection of pathways and paving. We can source and lay a fantastic array of different stone surfacing for you as well as carry out all associated groundworks you may need in preparation. Please contact us for a free visit from one of our experienced estimating team.